Vinni and Anja Litter B1 is born!!!

The "Purple" Puppy from A1 Litter! She is now a service dog in training with Deafinitely Dogs!

The "Purple" Puppy from A1 Litter! She is now a service dog in training with Deafinitely Dogs!

Weekly Birthday Anniversaries

  1. 28 APR 2018
  2. 05 MAY 2018
  3. 12 MAY 2018
  4. 19 MAY 2018
  5. 26 MAY 2018
  6. 02 JUN 2018
  7. 09 JUN 2018
  8. 16 JUN 2018 

Puppy Price = $1800 1 Left

Birth Date: 21 April 2018

Can go home: 16 June 2018

You can always join our waitlist on the deposit page.


What Is Included in purchase price

  • Your dream puppy; happy, healthy, de-wormed, vaccinated, and microchipped
  • Genetic report from EmbarkVet showing that your puppy is clear of more than 160 genetic diseases.
  • AKC limited registration.
    • Full registration will be granted after your dog is 2 years old, has a title, and has certified hips and elbows, per the terms of the contract. We don't charge for full registration.
  • Our full support for the life of your dog!
  • Some swag and gift bags!
  • Puppy Class
    • We are putting together a basic puppy training class for the owners of our puppies, free of charge.

How to Purchase?

To start a purchase, please make a deposit. You will be asked some questions about how to contact you. Shortly after your deposit, we will contact you to perform an interview. This ensures that the puppy will be living in a safe and suitable home, and also allows us to get to know you and what you want in a puppy.

We accept 4 deposits per litter, 2 male and 2 female, before we know the exact number of puppies to be born. After we have confirmation on the number of puppies and their genders (after they are born), we open up the remaining number of deposits to the waitlist first, then to the public. Those on the waitlist can apply their deposit to any future litter, or to the excess puppies after a litter is born.

We don't do "first come first serve" or "pick of the litter"; rather, we get to know our puppies and match each puppy to an owner/handler to ensure everyone, puppies included, are going to be happy.

We do understand that gender is important to many people; therefore, gender preferences will be assigned on a "first come first serve" system.

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Terms of Deposit


The total purchase price of the dog is $1,800. Upon completion of this transaction, buyer has paid a deposit of $300, with payment of the balance of $1,500 due upon release of the Dog to Buyer. Payment of the balance may be made by cash, cashier’s check, money order, credit card, debit card, or PayPal.


Buyer acknowledges and agrees that Buyer will forfeit the deposit and any rights to the Dog if:

  1. (a)  Buyer fails to complete the purchase of the Dog for any reason, or

  2. (b)  Buyer fails to pay the balance of the Purchase Price within 30 days of the agreed delivery date.

In either event, Seller shall be free to sell the Dog to another party.

In the event that the Dog is not available due to sickness, death, or any other circumstance owing to the fault of Seller, Buyer’s deposit will, at Buyer’s option, be either (i) refunded, or (ii) transferred to the next litter of puppies. 


Buyer acknowledges and agrees that this puppy is sold on a Limited Registration through AKC. The Limited Registration can only be changed by WinterKommt.