Tip: Is Your Puppy Getting Too Much Water?

GSD Water Consumption


Some puppies can handle their water; others cannot. Here are some tips to help manage a dog that cannot hold her water.

  • Take her out before anything else.
    • A puppy should always be taken out after being in her kennel, playing, training, eating, or drinking. This routine reinforces that she should only potty outside.
  • Give her plenty of exercise.
    • Often, exercise fixes behavioral issues.
  • Manage her water intake
    • It is common to think that a puppy should have a lot of water or access to as much water as they want. For many dogs, this is fine; they are capable of self-regulating. We have noticed that many GSDs are not capable of self-regulating as puppies. Use the chart below to determine how much your puppy should be drinking.

How much water should my puppy get?

0.5 to 1 oz per day per lb of body weight

10 lbs = 5 to 10 oz per day

20 lbs = 10 to 20 oz per day

30 lbs = 15 to 30 oz per day

40 lbs =  20 to 40 oz per day

50 lbs = 25 to 50 oz per day

or, if you prefer cups:

16 lbs = 1 to 2 cups per day

32 lbs = 2 to 4 cups per day

48 lbs = 3 to 6 cups per day

We strongly recommend sticking to the low end of the range if your puppy is having difficulty with potty training.

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