WinterKommT's Foster Program:


In order to build and improve the bloodlines at WinterKommt, the best puppies are not sold and are put through an extensive training program with the eye toward integrating them back as breeders. Having a large number of dogs at our facility is unrealistic and so we are making a foster program. For qualifying homes, WinterKommt will place special puppies into foster homes. The dogs will live in these homes for their entire life, provided the foster home cares, trains, and allows the dog to be bred as agreed. The dog are placed at no charge to the foster home. Fostering allows GSD lovers an opportunity to own a special dog without paying for the dog.

As a foster puppy grows up WinterKommt will monitor its temperament, drive and health. WinterKommt will provide training for the dog free of charge and if the dog meets sufficient standards and traits, will be used within our breeding program. Before breeding the dogs, the dog must meet extensive genetic and disease (OFA’s CHIC and EmbarkVet genetic) requirements at WinterKommt’s expense. If these standardsare not met, WinterKommt will have dog spayed or neutered and our breeding rights are terminated. The dog remain in the Foster Home for life of the dog.

After a breed worthy female reaches 2 + years of age she will come back to our kennel when she comes into season. After getting bred she will go back to her foster home. Then 5 to 7 days before whelping she is returned to our kennel and has her babies here, where she remains until she weans the pups (at 5 to 6 weeks). Females come into season twice a year. We only breed a female once a year. Parents can visit their dog regularly during the weaning period.

Foster homes can result in a far better life for a dog than a large number of dogs living in a kennel. We are using foster homes because we believe that a German Shepherd can only live up to its genetic potential when given the appropriate amount of attention, socialization, love, and care. The founder of the breed, Captain Max von Stephanitz has written that German Shepherds will be ruined by becoming solely kennel dogs.

WinterKommt is very selective of foster home participants. Our primary concern is that our dogs go into safe homes where they will be well taken care of. We will only place a dog in the following homes:

1. Dogs must live inside the home.  Dogs cannot live outside or in a kennel dog only.

2. Foster home must be within 100 miles from WinterKommt’s facility.

3.  WinterKommt must be allowed to visit or periodically inspect the Foster Home. If the Foster family moves outside the local area from our Kennel, 
they must return and relinquish possession of the dog. 

4. Foster home must not have any other dogs in the home.

5. Foster home must have ability to transport dog

6. Foster home must be willing to train/socialize the puppy and arrange for training by WinterKommt trainers.

7. The Foster Home must purchase a dog supplies (dog crates, leashes, and toys), veterinary care, and licenses. It is the responsibility of the foster parents to make sure the dogs remain in good health. They must also agree to feed top-quality dog food.

If at any time something changes in a foster home and they are no longer able to keep a foster dog, there is no problem should the foster parents need to return the dog back to our kennel. Under NO circumstances is the Foster Family to place the dog on their own, and the dog must be returned to our Kennel.

For rules violations, WinterKommt’s allows the foster home a "One Time" Warning...;
The dog is removed from the foster family if this happens a second time.)


It should be noted that there are always risks associated with whelping a litter. Most litters go smoothly, however, occasionally significant harm even death can occur during whelping. 


If you are interested in becoming a foster home, fill out the following form.