WinterKommt Recommendations

After having owned many German Shepherds, as well as several other breeds of dogs in the past, we at WinterKommt have compiled our list of essentials and must-haves. Products on this page are ones that we’ve used ourselves and thoroughly recommend. If you have a product for us to try, give us a shout to let us know about it.




Furminator Deshedding tool

Every once in a while, German Shepherds shed their coat, either all at once, or in different patches. The shedding fur is the undercoat, and is different than the average shedding that happens continually. You’ll know when this is happening because you’ll notice puffs of light-colored fur that you can remove easily in chunks with your fingers. During these times, which last about a week several times a year, the best tool for removing the fur, by far, is the furminator.

Epica Professional Nail Clippers

It is important to keep nails trimmed for the health of your dog. Untrimmed nails can break and be painful for your dog. Trimmed nails should not touch the floor. Many people are uncomfortable with trimming their dog’s nails because their dog is also uncomfortable with it. All WinterKommt puppies are socialized with nail trimming starting at a young age. With continued trimming, you can continue to socialize your dog to trimming and not have any problems.



Toys & Treats


Kong Extreme Rubber Ball

The extreme is in reference to the quality of the rubber, Kong’s red rubber is generally too soft for some heavy chewers. This ball has a hole through it. WinterKommt recommends putting a short length of rope through the hole with a large knot on each end. This allows you to easily throw the ball for your dog. After training your GSD, the ball should be the ultimate reward for a job well done.

Kong Extreme Rubber Toy

This Kong toy is made of the same durable rubber as the Kong ball. WinterKommt recommends using this toy for play. When thrown as a “grounder”, it will roll along the ground, sometimes rolling low, and sometimes bouncing high. Think about the sporadic bounces of a tumbling football. This action mimics natural prey.


Zuke’s Mini Naturals

These soft treats come in a small size, which means you can use many of them in a single training session without worrying about over-feeding your dog. They also come in many different recipes. It is a great way to introduce your dog to many different meats, such as rabbit or salmon.

Dingo Training Treats



Crates & Beds


Midwest Homes for Pets Crate

This is a great crate for a WinterKommt German Shepherd. We recommend going with the XL (48 inches). This gives the dog the most room to adjust and change positions. This particular crate comes with a divider. As your puppy grows, you can move the divider to have the crate grow with your puppy. This ensures that your puppy doesn’t create a bathroom spot in their crate.

Amazon Basics Padded Bed

These beds are designed to fit perfectly into a crate. They are machine washable. WinterKommt also uses these beds for place training. Its worth getting a couple of these; i.e. 1 for the kennel, 1 for the place in the living room, etc.



Food & Bowls


WinterKommt uses TLC Pet Food for all of our puppies. When you buy a WinterKommt puppy, they will be eating TLC Puppy Food. WinterKommt wants our dog owners to be educated about dog food, so we recommend everyone visit to make an educated decision about your dog’s diet. We also made a podcast episode where we dive into more detail.

Most veterinarians recommend gradually switching foods by mixing. At first, mix a little new food with a lot of the old food. Then, gradually increase the ratios until your dog is only eating the new food. For this reason, if you are buying a WinterKommt GSD Puppy, and you plan on switching foods, you may still consider buying a box of TLC Puppy Food.


TLC Pet Food


  • Meat-first, ancestral based formula sold to North American pet owners since 1994.

  • Made with wholesome ingredients and biologically beneficial protein sources, TLC has a taste your pup will love and nutrition you can trust.


  • TLC Pet Food is made fresh and delivered for FREE right to your door. 


  • Unmatched customer service, dedicated to serving you and your pet.


  • Schedule your FREE deliveries according to your pet's individual eating habits using Autoship.

  • Never worry about running out of pet food, change, adjust or cancel anytime!



2 Qt Stainless Steel Bowls

These bowls stack nicely, are dishwasher safe, and hold 2 quarts of food or water.

Slow Feeder Puzzle Bowl

Sometimes dogs eat too fast for their own good. In these cases, it is recommended to get a puzzle bowl. These are bowls specifically designed to slow down eating by making it more difficult to get to the food.